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Sack, Laos/Northern Ireland 

What is your name?] My name is Sack.

[How old are you?] I am 33 years old.

[Where are you from?] I’m from Laos Democratic Republic.

[What did you do when you lived in Laos?] I work in hotels, I am the mini bar cook in housekeeping.

[When did you leave Laos?] I leave Laos in 2009.

[Why did you leave?] I’m leaving Laos because I’m moving to Northern Ireland to get married. It’s my wife that’s from here.

[Did you leave Laos with anybody from your family or was it just you?] Uh, just me.

[So how long have you lived in Northern Ireland now?] Almost 6 years at the moment.

[What do you do here?] I do, I work in catering assistance in Western Hotels.

[So you cook?] Ah, yes.

[What do you cook?] Sometimes I cook sandwiches or like a breakfast. But the main job I’m working in catering assistance like cashier or working the till.

[Do you enjoy living here in Northern Ireland?] Yes. The people are lovely and the people in my job are friendly also and at the moment it’s okay.

[Do you miss home?] Ah yes, sometimes.

[What is the object you brought with you?] I bring the sticky rice bucket. This is the main sticky rice in Laos. A lot of people in Laos, they eat sticky rice.

[Why did you decide to bring that with you today?] Because I think this can show the Laos people in here...and we eat sticky rice for the main food. And many Laos people like the sticky rice.