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Jomadel, Philippines/Northern Ireland 

My name is Jomadel Detalla, but people here call me Jodie. I’m not really used to be called Jodie because my pet name is Jode but when I got here some of my co-workers could not pronounce the Jode, they always called me Jo. So I just said to them, ‘Okay the easiest way to call me is Jodie.’ I’m 27 now. I come from the Philippines. I’m a registered nurse in the Philippines and I have been working in the OR, in here they call it the theatre, and I left the Philippines I think that was the 27 of November 2008 to work here. I left with people that I don’t know actually, we were like 5 in a group and I only knew them on the very day we were leaving the Philippines and they came from the Philippines, from different parts of the Philippines as well. I didn’t travel with my family or friends. I have been living here in Belfast for almost 5 years now, actually the 5th year is on the 28th of November. And I chose to live in Belfast because it was my brother who actually convinced me to live here because he said it’s more peaceful here in Belfast and the people here are friendlier compared to London. I know that London is a multicultural place so I was thinking maybe it’s too busy and too complicated to be living in because I’m thinking it’s like Manila, the biggest city in the Philippines so I chose to live in countryside somehow like relaxed and chill-out. So that’s why I’m here in Belfast. I’m currently a healthcare worker in Belfast. I’m working in a nursing home. I brought with me my old, very very first scarf that I brought with me from the Philippines. I was using it for like, ever since I got here. It’s very important to me because I can remember when I arrived here in Belfast, we knew we were told that it would be cold, but we didn’t expect it to be really really cold like freezing cold so that scarf is very important to me because I just wrapped myself in that scarf even though I’m in bed. I just wrap my neck with that scarf and sometimes I wrap my head and every time I go out I’m not familiar with a hat yet, a hat for winter, so I used that scarf to wrap my head like I’m still covered. And it’s just very important to me because it keeps me warm.