Introducing the Belonging Blog!

The Belonging Project's purpose is to assist migrants and ethnic minority communities in Northern Ireland by tackling racism and eliminating barriers against migrant communities through our services and exhibitions.  Since the onset, Belonging has used art to tell the stories of migrants and ethnic minorities and spread tolerance.  Now we're launching a blog to further our message!  Since a picture is worth a thousand words we're not shifting focus away from our art, interviews, and exhibitions.  The blog will exist to tell the stories of migrants or those working with migrants and share the humanity found in all people regardless of where they come from.

To see the kind of content that you can find on the blog, read some excerpts:

Looking back, the success of Belonging has come as less of a surprise and more of a reassuring affirmation of the human capacity for connection and empathy. At a time of heightened movement and desperation amongst international migrants, Belonging offers a heartening perspective on how migration can contribute to the formation of a society that is better because of its changes, not in spite of them. Belonging reminds us that our shared humanity actually lies in the rich diversity of our experiences, and that through embracing and exploring our differences, we can begin to find common ground.

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When I met Plamena, she expressed her desire to share Bulgarian culture with the people of Northern Ireland, through dance, food, and festivals. She glowed with pride when discussing her family business in Armagh, but even more so when recounting the academic success of her children. Vasundhara, a teacher and activist from India, told me about her political work in India, and her new passion for political work in Northern Ireland. Even though I couldn’t understand Luis’s Portuguese during his interview, I could see the joyous sparkle in his eyes and I could hear the enthusiasm in his voice as he recounted tales from his childhood.

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Check the Blog section of our site for regular posts about migrant experiences and insight into the Belonging Project's work.  Want to contribute your own experience to the blog?  Email us!