Yogita, India

My name is Yogita Shika Gangura. I am 30 years old.

I am from India.

[What part of India?] Pune.

I am actually a housewife, but in India I am teaching yoga. I am a yoga teacher.

[Do you still practice yoga here in NI?] Yes.

[When did you leave India?] Last year. I bring my family.

[And do you have children?] Yes. I have one daughter and son. My son was born here, but my daughter was born in India. Since one year I have lived in Northern Ireland.

[Why did you come to Northern Ireland?]Because my husband is coming here, he was working.

Here, I am a housewife with two kids, I have to manage all the house.

[What did you bring with you today] It’s my nathni (a nose ring). At marriage we wear this nathni. It’s very important in our culture.

[Did you wear this at your wedding?] Yes.  It’s culture actually. It… everybody like my mother, everybody, says it’s important and that you have to wear this. So we wear it- bindi and nathni.