Welcome to the Belonging Project Workshop Toolkit  

Teaching tolerance, emphasizing identity, appreciating diversity

The aim of the Belonging Project is to encourage the celebration of diversity while simultaneously highlighting the similarities we all share as human beings. Migrant peoples are not a cohesive group; they are individuals with distinct identities regardless of their country of origin, their skin colour, or the religion they practice.  By emphasizing this fact, we hope that the local communities will identify with these migrants on a personal level rather than through a ‘them and us’ mentality, and that the migrant community will benefit from increased awareness in the local community of the migrant experience.

Our Toolkit

The Workshop Toolkit consists of four packs: Red Pack, Blue Pack, Pink Pack, and Purple Pack to foster discussion about diversity and identity in Northern Ireland. Each pack is designed for a specific age group with different forms of media and interactive activities, enhanced with photographs from the Belonging Project. It is our hope that the workshops conducted by our trainers will, by active engagement, give participants an opportunity to explore how they can interact with people from a diverse background in order to achieve an environment with understanding and acceptance in their schools, workplace or local communities.

Examples of activities that will be included in the toolkit are the identity cube, change game, role playing exercises, culture exploration, and group discussions.

Eventually, this webpage will become a resource for educators, activists, and community leaders to obtain workshop resources, as well as relevant media, news, and ideas for teaching diversity in their own communities.