Ti Po Ken, Malaysia/Northern Ireland

My Chinese name is Ti Po Ken, my Christian name is Jessica Chaffey.  I’m 54 years old.  I’m from the country called Malaysia, the town called Seremban.  In my own country, I do as an accountant. I leave my home country because I married, so I follow my husband to come over here.  I moved to Northern Ireland 4 ½ years [ago], in 2009.  I choose to move to Northern Ireland, Enniskillen, because I found here it’s quiet, peaceful.  Because of my health, that’s one of the reasons I moved over here, [I] just wanted a peaceful and quiet life. 

I come over here, I just bring some Chinese cultural clothing.  Chinese clothing is really beautiful.  The lion dance, [during] most of the Chinese festival people will show it.  The lion dance represents prosperity, especially those who do business, who are just starting their own business, they always like to [dance the] lion dance to bring luck and prosperity to their business.