The Belonging Project at the Southbank Centre

We are excited to be exhibiting the Belonging Project at the Southbank Centre in London ! The exhibition opened on Friday, April 17th, and will last until Saturday, September 27th. The Belonging Project is being featured as part of the Southbank Centre's Changing Britain festival, which examines 70 years of British history in the contexts of society, culture and politics. The festival explores issues around migrants, refugees, cultural integration. Overall, it promotes understanding and empathy towards the struggles and journeys of all human beings- echoing the goals of the Belonging Project.  


You Are Invited

The Belonging Project wishes to invite you to our February exhibition launches at the Brownlow and Lurgan libraries ! On February 9th and 10th, the Brownlow and Lurgan exhibitions will be open to the public, and we hope that you can join us in celebrating the stories of migrants across Northern Ireland. We will also be hosting one workshop at each exhibition, discussing diversity and identity. As always, our events are free and open to the public. 

Finally, a huge thank you to NI Libraries for hosting us once again ! 

The Belonging Project; Forum at Queens University Belfast

It was our pleasure to be invited to attend and speak at the Forum at Queens organised by Dr Rosalind Silvester and Professor Margaret Topping

The Belonging Project was discussed by a panel made up by Dr Silvester, Laurence Gibson and Jolena Flett, with questions and discussion from the audience.  We were delighted to hear the music and journey of the NADA multicultural choir who performed songs from different countries and in a variety of languages. See a video of one of their performances here