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Nadine, Moldova/Northern Ireland

My name is Nadine Wallace, and I am 43 years old, 44 very soon.  I am originally from Moldova, it’s Republic of Moldova, former Soviet Union, from the capital of Moldova, Chișinău.  And, I lived in my country of origin since I was born, I had my first family there and my son was born in Moldova.  It was a very difficult time, because there was a civil conflict in our country—people suffered too much because of the change of the authorities and persecution. 

I came in Northern Ireland in June 2009, to join my husband.  I brought my son from my first marriage, his name is Alex.  And, I didn’t choose Belfast as an area of living, but my husband was originally from Belfast and he decided to spend his retirement time in Newtownards, it’s a very nice place beside Belfast.  There he purchased a house, and because of his health condition it was a very nice location, very quiet and tiny place.  Because his health deteriorated and he had some mental health issue we are separated, and at this moment I am not with him anymore.  But I enjoy this country and the people around me, I enjoy my voluntary work, I enjoy my colleagues who are very helpful and also represent a lot of different countries—even with Soviet background, a few of them.

I brought with me a watch which was given [to] me by my mom, for a gift, and every day I think of this watch and I just remember my mom, who is not with me, and it’s like part of her every day with me.  I am not very sentimental, but it reminds me of my country of origin and my family.