Helpful Media Links

Real life examples are most often the best way to make a point about the exercises in the Workshop Toolkit. The following are links to news articles, videos, and headlines that can assist in understanding the concepts discussed in the Toolkit.


  • Racial Diversity in the Film Industry (X)
  • Struggles to Diversify the Scientific Community (X)
  • Oscars diversity: academy to double female and minority members by 2020 (X)
  • Diversity Could be the Making of Europe (X)
  • Lorde Inc., A Celebration of Diversity (X)
  • Davos: Diversity is Strength (X)

Shifting Perspectives

  • Germany's changing views on migrants due to New Year's Eve attacks. (X)


  • Intolerance of Refugees in Derry/Londonderry (X)
  • Anti-Migrant Mood Deepens after Paris Attacks (X)
  • Why Bullying Thrives in Higher Education (X)


  • Ethnic Minorities Still Face Higher Barriers (X)
  • Discrimination In STEM Fields (X)
  • Main Parties Still Lump Together Minority Groups (X)
  • Why Minority Students Boost School Achievement (X)


  • Hate Crime Attack on a North Belfast Home (X)
  • Racism is Alive and Well in the US North (X)
  • Endemic Systematic Racism Creates Significant Inequalities (X)
  • The Art World Needs to Look at its Racism (X)
  • New Levels of Racism With Trump's Increasing Influence (X)


  • David Bowie and Fluid Identity (X)
  • Unjustified Identity Checks Ruled Illegal (X)
  • Does the Online World Define Identity? (X)
  • Transgender People Denied Healthcare Access Due to Identity (X)
  • If France is to Build a New Identity, It Must Address Apartheid (X)

Social Issues

  • What can Britain learn from Northern Ireland about jobs for minorities? (X)
  • The Worst of 20th Century Advertising (X)
  • Brands To Take on Social Problems (X)
  • Can Videogames Highlight Social Issues? (X)
  • How Can Big Data be used to Solve Social Issues? (X)
  • America Needs Social Justice (X

Politicised Problems

  • The Trouble with Gendered Economics (X)
  • Reclaiming Climate Change Debate from Political Extremes (X)