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Martina, Slovakia/Northern Ireland

My name is Martina, I am 34 years old, and I am originally from Slovakia. Well, I was studying at University but I just needed much better English. So I took a gap year and decided to do an English course here in the UK, down in Eastborne. It was connected with another three months of working experience. I worked for three months in a small hotel in Wales. Then I got back home, and came back again to England.

I have a friend from college living here in Lisburn and one day he asked me, “Come here, I know someone who has a free room.” And I came, and I’m still here.

I came here alone, to the UK and to Northern Ireland. But I met my fiancé here and we are getting married in September. So... I came here to UK in 2005, but in Northern Ireland, I’m here from 2007. In Belfast I’m working several years for one cleaning company.

Today I brought with me Slovak cookbooks, because I do like cooking, I find it really relaxing. They are important for me because they are a present from my Mum.