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David, Poland/Northern Ireland

[What's your name?] David

[And how old are you?] I’m 11.

[Where are you from?] I’m from Poland, at Denbiza. It’s beside Talino.

[What did you do in Poland?] I was going to a school, and sometimes I was playing football.

[When did you leave?] In 2007.

[And who did you leave with?] My mom. And my dad was here already.

[So, have you lived in Northern Ireland since then?] Yeah.

[So why did your family decide to move to Northern Ireland?] Because here it is a better life.

[So what do you do here? What do you like to do?] I like playing football and some sports. And I like going to school.

[Do you have a lot of Polish friends here?] Um…yeah. But most of them are from here.

[Can you tell me about the object that you’ve brought with you to the photo shoot?] It is the flag. I brought it here.

[Why is it important to you?] Because I want to know more about the culture that people do in Poland.

[Do you parents tell you about it? Or have you learned about your…] I learned about it in the club. Our teacher is Konrad.

[So you do stuff involving Polish tradition?] Yeah.

[Does your family cook a lot of Polish food?] Not a lot. But some of the time.

[Do you have your favorite?] It’s like ham with potatoes.