David, Poland

What’s your name? David

And how old are you? I’m 11.

Where are you from?
I’m from Poland, at Denbiza. It’s beside Talino.

What did you do in Poland?
I was going to a school, and sometimes I was playing football.

When did you leave? In 2007.

And who did you leave with?
My mom. And my dad was here already.

So, have you lived in Northern Ireland since then? Yeah.

So why did your family decide to move to Northern Ireland? Because here it is a better life.

So what do you do here? What do you like to do?
I like playing football and some sports. And I like going to school.

Do you have a lot of Polish friends here? Um...yeah. But most of them are from here.

Can you tell me about the object that you’ve brought with you to the photo shoot? It is the dancing ? I brought it here.

Why is it important to you?
Because I want to know more about the culture that people do in Poland.

Do you parents tell you about it? Or have you learned about your...

I learned about it in the club. Our teacher is Konrad.

So you do stuff involving Polish tradition? Yeah.

Does your family cook a lot of Polish food? Not a lot. But some of the time.

Do you have your favorite? It’s like ham with potatoes.