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Dana, Moldova/Northern Ireland

My name is Dana. I am nine. I am from Chișinău, Moldova. I was seven when I left Chișinău. I first went to England. This is my first year living in Northern Ireland. My family chose Northern Ireland because I can go to school. There is a lot of work to do. My mom says if I am going to teach here, I can be a professional [laughs]. Sometimes I go to the park with Dad and Mom. We dance. We can learn Zumba at 5 o’clock on Tuesday and Friday. I love dancing. At school, I like to work. I got a prize for reading and writing today.

I brought with me Pluto because it is my favourite toy. I had it when I was staying in Moldova.

I have got many friends from many countries. Youana and Sasha are my friends. Youana is in P2. She is seven. Youana is from Romania. Sasha is from Poland. I speak in English with Youana because she does not know Russian. Sasha is my friend and she is in my class. She is seven in P2. We speak in Romania. Russian is my first language. I speak Romania and Moldavian. I speak 4 languages. I speak in Russian with my parents but sometimes they speak in Romanian. I speak in Russian with my grandparents too. My grandfather can speak in Romanian too.