Bidyut, India

My name is Bidyut Misra. I’m from India, Eastern part of India. I was school teacher over there. I teach math and English.

I left India in 1994.

[Did you come with anybody?] No, I got married and I came here.

[How long have you lived in Northern Ireland?] 21 years now

[Why did you choose Northern Ireland]Because my husband is from here, so …

I’m working for council now, that is taking over a different company, an English company, GLL.

I brought handmade filigree; the part of India where I am coming from is famous from handmade filigree. You can see the handmade work; it is very fragile. It was a gift; my niece gave it to me when I left India. It is very sentimental to me, because my niece gave it to me when I left India.

[Do you ever go back to India?] Yes, I returned last year.

I do miss it.