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Bev, South Africa/Northern Ireland

My name is Bev DeGoveia, I’m 68, I was born in England. I lived in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) for 27 years, went to South Africa to stay there fore 30 years, and then came in 2003 to Northern Ireland in Enniskillen.  In my home country I used to be a traveler on the road, a debt collector, I was always mainly on the road.  We arrived in Northern Ireland in Enniskillen in 2003 I brought my daughter, my grandson, and my husband.  My son, who is living in Enniskillen, has been here a little longer, that is the reason why we chose Enniskillen.  At the moment I’m retired.  

My object that I brought, because of all the gold mines in South Africa, Johannesburg, where we lived, you find the women there wear a lot of gold.  And I’ve got a lot of gold from South Africa and that is what I’ve actually brought with me.